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Zero Waste

What is a Zero Waste Lifestyle? Basically, you can describe it as a conscious way of living by respecting the environment and other beings on this earth. Nowadays we have a full variety of purchasing decisions to make and we want to give some inspiration for you to find eco-friendly and sustainable products for your daily living. Enjoy this blog!


Zero Waste

A lot of people have been making changes to their lives with the alarmingly disturbing news we hear about the damage that’s been done to our environment. These changes include recycling, reducing meat consumption, and not using plastic. With all these changes one thing has been gaining more momentum: The Zero Waste Movement.

Alternative to Plastic Bags!

In our modern world, plastic products are everywhere we go, and we probably use them on a daily basis, at school, at home, and at your office. We’re heavily dependant on plastic in our lives that it’s very hard to imagine life without it. One of these plastic products are disposable plastic bags, which are admittedly convenient to use, but at what cost?

is killing the Planet!

Meat production and farming are currently two of the largest industries in the world and they’re turning quite a few heads. They’ve also been on the rise as human populations grow and the demand on them increases.

Eco Friendly Kitchen Products

It all starts from your kitchen by using eco-friendly kitchen products   If you want to keep your family healthy, the first place to start is your kitchen. It’s not only about making healthy food choices and replacing the processed food with organic and healthier food. It’s also about what you’re using to clean, make, and store your food. 

Eco Friendly Furniture

Save your home, buy eco-friendly furniture! Almost everyone these days is starting to get more aware of the products they use, the food they eat, and basically the general lifestyle they lead. We’re all trying to lead healthier lifestyles that are better for us, our families and our environment. This lifestyle entails the food that we eat, the products that we use daily, and surprisingly enough, the furniture that we fill our homes with. 

Plastic Free Water Bottles

Enjoy your drinks with plastic free water bottles! If you ever tell someone that you want to start being more healthy the first advice they’ll probably give you is to drink more water. We all know that drinking more water helps your kidneys, keeps your skin healthy, aids with weight loss and maintains your general health. But is drinking bottled water a safe option for you or the environment?

Save The Bees!


To most people, bees are creatures whose sole purpose is to make honey; but contrary to popular belief, bees are essential to the ecosystem and they’re disappearing rapidly. 

Natural Cleaning Products

How your cleaning products are ruining your health and how you can substitute them with natural cleaning products. Cleaning the house isn’t exactly anyone’s idea of fun, however, it’s one of the most essential things one does to live in a healthier, germ-free environment. 

Plastic Straw Alternatives

Drop the Plastic Straws, Save the Planet – Go for Plastic Straw Alternatives! Every minute, one garbage truck worth of plastic is dumped into the ocean. Yearly, a colossal 1.4 billion pounds of trash ends up in our beautiful oceans. Of this waste, much of it is plastic. It’s highly noticeable that plastic bans are gaining a lot of momentum in several countries.